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XBX is a full service web development firm. We offer decades of experience in consultation, design and programming. Our Web server is located at Rackspace - one of the premier hosting facilities in the world. We can handle your entire project and look forward to helping you complete your goals for your web presence or web application needs.



Throughout our years we have had the great fortune to meet and work with some of the brightest minds in the business community from "C Level" Fortune 100 personnel to visionary entrepreneurs. If you need a partner that can tap their vast experience or think out of the box, XBX is an excellent choice.


XBX offers a high level of design capability and can handle all your web related visual needs including logo development. XBX grew out of a magazine publishing company so we are capable of providing all of your print design needs as well. We also have experience creating videos with tens of thousands of views on YouTube.


XBX will be your partner in seeing the job through to completion. We are happy to meet on a regular basis either in person or virtually based on our clients' needs. We will take our cues on how hard you want us to push your development team in supplying content so that your project can be completed in the fastest time possible.


A successful project starts with a strong foundation. The XBX Environment Content Management System is the ideal platform for all projects large and small. We have a range of different modules already built that can be included or we can readily create or customize modules to meet your exact requirements.


Most clients select XBX to format their content for the initial launch of their web project. Supply us with the wording and imagery you want in the site and we will assemble your entire site in the XBX Environment Content Management System. If you prefer to limit expenses, XBX can just create a skeleton of the site and you can have your own personnel populate the site after some basic training.


XBX offers training on how to use the XBX Environment Content Management System. For best results, we suggest a two hour session after which the participants should practice what they have learned. A follow up session can be included if needed but usually is not necessary. We are also available to answer specific questions via email or phone during business hours.


XBX partners with Rackspace® to co-locate our server. Rackspace is known for their "fanatical service" and has been a valued strategic partner for many years. Our hosting packages include nightly network back-up (including SQL data) to ensure that should an emergency arise, we can always restore your site.


Often projects require the modification of current XBX modules or the creation of completely new software to meet your organization's business requirements. We can modify or add modules to exactly match your needs. We are experts at listening to your ideas/issues in order to create viable, working solutions.

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