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Whether you are looking for a website that will automatically adapt to different devices or  you need an online application that provides permission-based database-driven content to staff members, vendors or customers, XBX has a full range of capabilities to meet your requirements. All websites and applications are built with the XBX Content Management System as the foundation. The newest version of the XBX Environment CMS offers the ability to create and maintain complex pages that can run in a Bootstrap environment or we can create your own custom CSS or any combination as needed.

Device Responsive Websites

Each day, more and more people are accessing your website on tablets and mobile devices. Now's the time to update your site so that no matter when and how your customers and visitors view your online presence, you leave them with a great impression. XBX can create a web environment for you that garners attention through animation and user activated content to increase awareness, strengthen brand identity and encourage longer and deeper site views.

Database-Driven Web Applications

Over the years, XBX has developed a huge range of web applications; everything from inventory management systems to call center intake solutions to sports team registration, team building and game scheduling systems to physician networks to issue advocacy systems to document repositories to you name it... we even built the content management system that runs this website. We have helped everyone from Fortune 100 companies to large Non-Profit Organizations to all-volunteer groups solve their issues and improve their business practices through the use of Web technology. We can get the job done and we offer fantastic timely support to keep your business running smoothly when you need it... even for years after the project is launched.

The All New XBX Environment
Content Management System

Early on, we realized the power of putting the control of content in the hands of those that own the content. During the first years of the Web, we created unique content management systems for every site we launched. For the past 17 years, the XBX Site Manager productline was the go to foundation of every website and web application we created. And now XBX is proud to announce our brand new XBX Environment Content Management System. Engineered to allow every bit of content and design to be controlled through a beautiful intuitive interface, the XBX Environment CMS helps you manage your web presence. And because every module is permissions-based, it is the ideal backbone to create everything from websites to intranets/extranets to complex web applications. And because we built it, we can program any ability you require to make it function exactly how you need.

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